Wednesday, 5 December 2012

close your eyes // collection 2012

oscillation / branle / schwingungen

collection of alissa cha // 2012 

most precious is
what's hard to spy
and visions
gazing subtle-natured
in your eye
( ne crève pas les yeux tout de suite )
the wind in forests

tell me shadow
whisper moon
all the tales
i will see soon

for light that guides us
just a star
mere twinkling
as seen from afar

a gaze so clear
as if to rid
and kill
the fear

you seemed to me
so bright
like in my dreams
not in daylight

and staring at the sea
when night strikes softly
your heart, it screamed
your head though, lofty

and you move blindly
across a sea
of needles
you've seen it all
knew everything
when i told you
about the fall

oh dreams of shadow
sunlight gone
i was for yours
you were foregone


designed and shot by alissa cha

thousand thanks to amrei
for being beautiful