Thursday, 8 August 2013

internet nihilism and new media aesthetics

monsters were what always troubled her mind.
it is the current times and our means of communication that inspired my last collection.
held mainly in black and pink with specks of golden thread, it sought to convey
a feeling of transmission into the virtual world.
a connection between reality and web -

two outfits were featured at our fashion show -
merging the current zeitgeist of fashion depicted on so many blogs, the consciousness of young women of their bodies and their ways of communication.
it is the digital means that transport our feelings -
cryptically disguised in letters of wingdings we try to cross distances - to feel ever closer and yet so far apart.

this hatpiece is made of layers of black tulle, obscuring the vision and keeping thoughts.
i embroidered it with patches of fabric flowers in rose and blood red - 
depicting the span between girlish innocence and a self-consciousness of a femme fatale.
it is the coming of age we try to grow into, which we share with the whole world and yet are troubled with inside of ourselves.
it's the layer underneath, the personal, which we want to protect, keep to ourselves, yet so often fail to. 

the corset is covered in a knitted fabric a friend made for me.
it's of black, gold and pink thread - displaying a pattern of wingdings.
the complete point paper design features a poetry i wrote - encrypted though.
yet again my design is about the body-consciousness which troubles the majority of people, especially those who seek to portray themselves in any way.
there's a gap at the breast out of which pieces of knitwear are poking out.
-feelings and thoughts emerging to the surface-

the second outfit is assembled of a knitwear-covered hatpiece and a pullover of the same fabric. 
it still shows vulnerability but is much stronger in its own way,
leaving the back - the spine and the neck - unprotected.
seeking to cover our body, we would wrap our chest in cloth, but would we think about the shivers, 
fear would cast on our shoulders?

yet we are strong.
knowing who we are and evolving to a self-conscious, 
grown-up person we cover our bodies in black clothing and pursue our ideals.
we cherish our spirits, value our imagination. 
earnestness becomes our goddess and we believe, if we could only ban the child in us from emerging, 
we could be - thinkers, adults, artists.

so accepting the youth to never leave us, to always accompany our ways and protect our spirits we can live in peace. facing a future of ever-changing ways of life and means of communication 
we must strengthen ourselves.
 it is contemplation we should pursue instead of looks. 

a steady growing nihilism transmitted via internet leaks into fashion. 
the darkness of our troubled minds is what we often wish to share with the world.
it is fear that obscures our minds, nourished by the anxiety with which we face future.
so we hope for consolation through others, the ones that share our pain.
the metamorphosis of growing up.
darkness we have to pass through to find ourselves in the light 
- the clarity we experience once we come to know who we are.


i did this shooting with the wonderful yvonne of
she was as well presenting an outfit of mine at our show and did a really great job.
be sure to check out her blog (:

xx, alissa cha