Thursday, 19 March 2015

depressed alien cats // eerie but lovely / expression
i’ve made another song for my very loosely continuous album project MIAOW CREEP. sounds like it’s - once again - too strange for youtube. (i don’t want to risk too many internet trolls and haters again)
… but if you’ve got a (hopefully) positive opinion on this - feel free to message me .

—- what this is about: expression, visions, future. basically it’s a low, peaceful love song about the quiet dark secrets in life - think of woods that spread the sweet smell of approaching spring. that is it - melancholy and a spirit, heavy with tears but light as a feather.

disclaimer: might sound a bit eerie/ethereal , so might be a bit scary to listen to in the night

Monday, 2 March 2015

verstrahlt // angleterre / willst du // endless skies

 because spring is life
endless skies as abyss of seagull skulls

well really
there is nothing more and nothing less
than the infinite space
it leaves to breathe
suffocation buried under heaps of winter coat

gleaming surfaces
stone warming to a heart's proximity
and mine closer than ever (or is it)
to be shredded by some sort of cold wind
(le vent nous portera)

those are the movies that made my life
a film that is based on its own epic
a chapter that is numbered as scars appear
we are the reflections of the depths our minds project
when judgment is passed what do you defend yourself for
i project and you do… we are a reaction 
things go on and the world moves around
we move through valleys, the highest peaks no longer obstacles
there is no age
really, a number that shines high in the sky
connected stars
have you ever traced the space between your freckles

lots of strings
white strings
cobwebs, in fact
all between the branches of lungs
because you are a tree
strong and unmoving
you rest and let the world pass by
and i ?
maybe i am a cloud
a ghost in a mansion with red carpets 
mahogany or mahagoni?
numbers decreasing 
(it slips through your fingers, green, fleeting)

 we could be taller than we think
but in the end just trust ourselves as far
as the shadow reaches
do not cross
 would you trace our silhouettes
on old photos that indicate the sand of time
that created a glassy, glossy image on your mind
would you 
give me the power to close your eyes
with my fingers, as if to sleep
no, is it trust, is it leaving (you, or me)

am i to depart?
is there really such a thing as detachment or-
would you think i am so attached that i am completely detached ?
no wonder really, that there's an imprint on my heart
of every frame

the strings sound bittersweet 
(did we get rid of the A-minor
why would we do that)
people dance without knowing, there is no sunshine as sunshine
their minds, are they dark or as bright as no contrast and infinite brightness
no distinction indeed
just one constant tune, one vibe that defines the frame of their lives

 are you a movie theatre?
a picture frame?
is there some sort of reflection in your iris
that could predict the future
who knows
who ever knows?
 valerian est du passé
passion flower makes the light shine a special way
a feeling of wonder, not precisely comprehending surroundings
soft and gradient
movement is such a vital thing
pondering the importance of velocity in our lives
while being moved through the scenery
and then carrying myself
seemed very intuitional to play grimes's >>GO
on loop
"go baby go, go. we're right behind you"
(yesterday evening - garbage)
really, it is all about the way we fluctuate, jitter
raspberries do no good
when they are not born from the green
(was she singing about cherry lips)

they say loneliness is a part of growing up
but my bones rest in their positions as i lie curled next to the warmth 
there is no loneliness at the seafront
because you can become one with the ocean
and this just seems a feeling of immenseness
but when i reflect
somehow one does feel as if standing on a vast field
of dry grass that silently whispers in the wind
even though there are daily words
from people's minds
that intend to prove the contrary
really, why is this energy centred
it should be flowing instead

i am
i was a lot, today

this is where my knee turned into an independent galaxy
i need knee pads


if only i had that many smiley faces
i would stick them on my own and just pretend
because these aren't even real problems
luxury of a life without boundaries fogging our minds
every struggle is real but every act is also a tiny part
of a much bigger context
and really, to live without pain is an absolute privilege

it is tricky because you will never be able to tell what is real
my own perception gets blurry and there is no real transition 
from reality to fiction
either it is all a dream
or nothing is

i felt pretty today and added this to the vast collection of selfies of mine
that circulates in the infinite interwebs
i don't regret it
remembering a quote
"your words are so beautiful. your mind must be a terrible place."

(all pictures unedited, shot with my phone)
(c) alissa cha, 2015