Wednesday, 29 April 2015

it is nearly may / resurrection of the loving soul

recently thought about making a series - little monsters who live in a world full of wonders and beauty and talk about strange things.
they could occupy their minds with topics of queer politics, arts and music - how humans behave and that stuff. it could be its own little universe of odd characters and interesting beings.
i like being a cute boy.
y'all should be proud of the people you are
and also, how amazing are all the genderqueer people on the internet?
hop on, hop off
life's a crazy ride and you're on it ==

telling stories is my favourite thing
using myself as canvas or empty pages
the one adventurer who enacts the funky endeavours
and basks in the beautiful freedom life can offer

how amazing is it to see things and perceive all that is around
forever in love with how many possibilities there are
to define and create
i know many will close themselves down
feelings and all just a thing that they keep to themselves and themselves only
well this is my effing revolution of just talking about it 
we are all shared experience on this planet
it doesn't matter if we pretend or not
could not care less
because truthfulness is like a pearl
let's all just stop pretending

 skating on smooth surface
freedom / infinity and endless sun
i adore spring

there are so many routes to take
somebody said to me 'but it was your dream'
and i can only reply
but this still is--- i am living my dream, my personal reality
i'm breathing, talking, creating - aren't i ?
this is so much better than anything i could've ever dreamed of
simply because it is real
a shared consciousness, for other people to see

things are never perfect
my aspirations will always be much bigger than anything i could ever experience
(so far)
there will always be things that happened in my mind already
and might never take place in real life
but what's the use of being sad about that?
i am living both of these consciousnesses 
full of love

 (some monsters that could appear in the show?)

rain washes everything away
even if it's hail and hurts

spring is the time of all the beauty awakening

/// words and drawings and images (c) alissa cha, 2015

Saturday, 25 April 2015

lately / it's spring, how lovely

focusing more
being aware
sharpening a vision
yes, this is happening

there is a lot of work going on here
and many things are shifting around to form
a stronger and more powerful portfolio
like a silver garment (it is a cloak)

i am supposed to tell the world that i am doing fine with my work
(which is true, actually)

you will get a website with my art
like, portfolio-wise

i am quite (displeased) with the way my poetry and life reflects
(upon individuals who don't get it)
but happily i don't have to care really

it's all waiting and making the best of life, every day
(but i'm not even waiting anymore
seizing every minute, CREATING!!)
and it's thrilling, exciting, wonderful
because you need to take control
that's what you should do.

(c) alissa cha, 2015