Friday, 31 July 2015

museums are my home // the quiet beauty of contemplation

Recently I went to the Leopold Museum in Vienna
Since my realisation of not being young enough (!) anymore 
to get into Vienna's museums for free
(which you could, under the age of 19)
I have been grieving over the amount of art 
that would be kept away from me bar I'd invest some money into admission fees.
Luckily I have the most awesome mother in the world and consequently
 got two press tickets that were linked to an event that took place in the museum.
It was about choosing certain feelings that you experienced 
while viewing a work of art and sharing them via modern technology to see 
which emotions the other visitors drew from it. 
Additionally, you would be presented with a personalised art print featuring
 colourful paint splashes which were to symbolise mentioned moods.

Sadly, the exhibition that featured works (sculptures, drawings, paintings, installations and tapestries) by Tracey Emin and various pieces by Egon Schiele did not permit photography but you can see my take on the pieces in the GIF of my sketchbook below.

so immersed in paintings
that you forget 
your surroundings
not aware
that you are
exist as a manifestation 
of ideas, thoughts dreams
but lost 
in the shadows, the depth, the fog
lost in these vast landscapes
that make you inquire
why someone would choose
to capture them 
for eternity
this specific scene of boats
the sea
so immensely captivating
you feel the breeze on your arms
 smell salt
                                                                                     (it is not a cliché if you truly perceive it as it is)
                                                                                     these moments are the most precious to me
                                                                                    allow me to forget who i am
                                                                                      that i am
                                                                                        creating art is not the only way to save yourself
                                                                                              fully diving into the moment
                                                                                      is probably the closest you can get to reality 

always having a little book with you
for sketches
frees your mind so much
every time a thought crosses it
every time you see something 
that ignites something within you
inspiration strikes
it is there

museums are reflection
for the self, the current perception of the world
though processes
they are meditiation, contemplation
silent positive dwelling 
in one's personal happy place
that garden of the mind
blooming and rejoicing
over fresh food for thought

think about how the exhibits
have been crafted and painted by humans
even in this silent space there is some trace of labour

do not grieve because artists are being praised
 for what they have done in their youngest teenage years
for you know you have done the same
even if you think of everything being volatile
become aware of your current being
this precious time of nowness
and bask in its glory
for it is your very own consciousness
that is experiencing it
it is your reality
and yours to define

xoxo, alissa nathanael cha

images, words and drawings (c) by alissa cha, 2015
taken at the leopold museum vienna, july 2015