Monday, 2 November 2015

don't dream of a good life - live it ! // let inspiration roam

 hello friends !!

 surprise ! bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.
*emerges from the woodlands, floating and gazing into the gleaming sunshine*

here we are again, it's autumn and the planet is kind.
my manifesto for right here, right now is
'don't dream of a good life - live it !'

based on reflections of gratefulness, happiness and positivity.
every now and then it can help so much to take a step back from your surroundings and think. just an evening off social activities, a day or a couple of minutes in silence. our lives are so filled with events, happenings and change that often we forget how important it can be to sit back and evaluate what it is, that brings us joy.

life often is so kind and what can be the most satisfying thing is to actually appreciate and value the good things that come our way.
living through hard times can be exhausting, being plagued by fears or worries - the important thing to do when feeling like immersed in shadows is to seek out the light to guide you.

so what is a good life?
obviously this will be determined by everyone individually.
to me, it is a sense of self, a feeling of freedom, being surrounded by humans one appreciates and that care and value you too. it is gazing into the light on an autumn day, flickering and filtering through the yellow leaves and thinking "what a marvellous thing it is, to be alive".

i used to believe that one needs to be immersed in social life (as in, hanging out with friends) all the time. it is important to be shown affection, love and that one is cared about. but what is equally as necessary to remember is that being best friends with yourself is essential to being happy.
after all, it's you that you have to deal with every day of your life, so working on dealing with your physical and ethereal presence is so paramount, and helps you in being around and with others.

<thinking about creation, dark nights only lit by a few lights, romance.>

 creation. i've recently rediscovered something i started watching while living in the UK. it's called "george clarke's amazing spaces" (and it's on youtube and on all 4). basically it's about people building fantastic things out of what they already have and it's one of the most inspiring things out there. i'm such a sucker for shows that absolutely appreciate crafts, art and DIY, especially when it's about creating aesthetically and ethereally surroundings. also becoming ever more aware of the importance of a sustainable lifestyle, i very much appreciate the thought of recycling and working with given space and materials.
generally, i've realised the value of work. doing things, being productive.
it helps curing your mind of dark things lurking there (at least some).
it can keep you from complete darkness, infinite night.
doing things with your hands, exercising your mind, getting in the flow of life, 
your body a tool, pure means to realise the beautiful visions 
that unfold from your subconscious.
 thats is pure bliss. complete freedom.

what a privilege it is to have access to one's thoughts.
to be able to elevate these into reality.
it's about working, working hard to achieve ultimate connection
with the world around, one's subconscious, people around.
the process of becoming a well-functioning human, not in means of
existing in a society, but just being a beautiful creature of this planet.
sublime, and one with the forces all around.

i am learning so many things each day.
how to exist, how to not hurt so much anymore, how to never
cease loving. finding peace and balance.
it can be so fantastic to accept that this process of constant learning is what keeps us alive, curious.
my will to change exists to keep being excited, not just be exciting.

there are always days, and always will be, when you're sick and tired of the energy it all takes. but then there are days where you just feel alright and proud to manage. proud of things working out, achievements, positive change. keep these close to your heart.

 <tattooing brings me great joy>
<a lovely person gave me lovely presents>

so this week's mantra is -
realise the good things in your life and appreciate the beauty they bring to your every day. show the people who make everything better some love, and let them know how much you appreciate them.
create great things, useful things, art, feelings. bring something into this world that no one has done before.
stay unique, ever-changing, but true to yourself.

live the amazing life that was intended for you. <3

*peace and sunshine*
 - alissa cha-

//words, images, artwork (c) by alissa cha, 2015

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