Wednesday, 10 February 2016

recent doings in the world of cha / creation of universes in tiny scale

everything i do serves the purpose to reflect this planet/ share consciousness
while simultaneously conjuring up visions of an alternate reality
i create to enter new worlds and make them accessible to others
it should be meaningful, complex, never dull or overtly simple
everything is interconnected, it's always there - on my mind

i feel an immense desire to keep alive the traditions that have been around for centuries
want to keep up working with my hands
while also using modern day technology to inform the world of my doings
and to be able to create new things as well
this planet is so rich and full of possibilities
you can do everything you might be dreaming of

i feel like appreciating other people's work
the work that keeps the whole system going
and also admire that, which pushes it all forwards
i want to learn about artists constantly
set my own creative practice into context
the extensive, interdisciplinary way of working
that i feel has stayed with me for some time now

creating art is my biggest privilege and deepest desire
something so sacred and rooted in me
connecting humans with this world
it is all ingrained into the very fabric of our being
the atoms of us, stardust and all, inscriptions of fine lines
there are words and the most evident, yet subtle feelings
developing an understanding for the nuanced changes in environments
it seems, we all stay open, constantly
open for all that is ever evolving
for what is going on
never shielding our eyes from the spot of light
that we have chosen to illuminate our understanding

i write, therefore i am
i create and do, live and feel
thus i am a breathing organism
one of an entire galaxy of beings
a tiny entity
and when all comes together
something so divinely pristine and whole is created
that everything makes sense

-(computer generated pattern fragments)

-(a hat block in progress)

-(detail of a woven piece)

-(patterns created for textile design / merging of manual illustration + technology)

(c) alissa nathanael cha, 2016

Monday, 1 February 2016

stargazing // brocade on wet asphalt / spring air

rose tinge
spring air // despise the thing that defines
was meant to be insightful into practice
and structure of systems
but now we got ourselves in deep again
over analysing

soft breeze // fresh tongue piercing (memory)
white stars on pink - pain
trapped shins, bleeding under the structure
come to life, made of planks / the nails rusting

my head hurts as it does
in the flooding light of our new home/new studio
i belong and belonged
the tree's branches pointed heavenward /vers le ciel
we danced ... never strange looks
i only dance for myself and to spread joy now
capturing notes with my little finger
conducting an orchestra of see-through spheres
monster ghosts/ non visible non
not you ( . )
what tortures me most
are societal structures in their manifold repetitions
shadows of themselves and gripping tight on what i think is right

taught myself how to break free
now i know not what is real anymore

you can't catch me - i'm smoke
how would you like to analyse something you can't hold
slipping through your fingers
i marked them
slipping through all of your minds
and our words are existent here
but mine are cryptic
for i don't know, can't tell

concepts forming // ideas shaping - i think i know how you function / best not to break it all
all down / it works, it does, like a normative life, the life all appreciate.
i can't think straight. never.
all is so alien to me and i am too. no idea how to think, what is real, what is right.
i see only how you perceive it and that this should be okay.
but in the end it's all like a pre-destined play for me. have my lines and it all works its way.
we follow the directions, our paths.
how i can i feel trapped when i'm so infinitely free?