Monday, 1 February 2016

stargazing // brocade on wet asphalt / spring air

rose tinge
spring air // despise the thing that defines
was meant to be insightful into practice
and structure of systems
but now we got ourselves in deep again
over analysing

soft breeze // fresh tongue piercing (memory)
white stars on pink - pain
trapped shins, bleeding under the structure
come to life, made of planks / the nails rusting

my head hurts as it does
in the flooding light of our new home/new studio
i belong and belonged
the tree's branches pointed heavenward /vers le ciel
we danced ... never strange looks
i only dance for myself and to spread joy now
capturing notes with my little finger
conducting an orchestra of see-through spheres
monster ghosts/ non visible non
not you ( . )
what tortures me most
are societal structures in their manifold repetitions
shadows of themselves and gripping tight on what i think is right

taught myself how to break free
now i know not what is real anymore

you can't catch me - i'm smoke
how would you like to analyse something you can't hold
slipping through your fingers
i marked them
slipping through all of your minds
and our words are existent here
but mine are cryptic
for i don't know, can't tell

concepts forming // ideas shaping - i think i know how you function / best not to break it all
all down / it works, it does, like a normative life, the life all appreciate.
i can't think straight. never.
all is so alien to me and i am too. no idea how to think, what is real, what is right.
i see only how you perceive it and that this should be okay.
but in the end it's all like a pre-destined play for me. have my lines and it all works its way.
we follow the directions, our paths.
how i can i feel trapped when i'm so infinitely free?

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