Sunday, 6 March 2016

it all indicates a collective understanding // the sleeping flock meanders vers la lumière

everything comes together, in a way / even if it's in small scale
i had lots of talks with other humans in the last time
feeling as though they have all taught me so much
contributing to a shared understanding of things
happening in this world right now

today i rediscovered a folder that i got from a talk of trend researcher lidewij edelkoort
it was meant to predict movements/trends/topics of summer 2015
one word that really stuck with me back then (mind you, that's at least 2 years ago)
was the word 'gathering'
a social state of collective being
uniting to form something bigger than the individual

in the last time i have reflected on this a lot
happenings in the world have accumulated to create an atmosphere of fear
war, uproar, lots of human emigrating to different countries for shelter and safety
something big is changing in the world

there has been a noticeable shift
people have become so distant from their roots that, with all their power,
they try to find ways to get back to them
no wonder many people try to get into spiritual practices
try to elicit what is at their very core
heal their bodies, detox

we all seem so distant in our hectic lives
with stress, technology, competition and pressure
humanity has lost the feel for their very beginnings
or at least this highly developed western culture has

we try to synthesize authentic feelings
try to market ways to heal our body & spirit
cultivate the imitation of human intimacy
while we swipe on our screens
to choose our partners in this isolation

i see mandala tattoos wherever i look
people trying to root their bodies into something
our species has understood eternities ago
we were once soil and now we choose to cement over
every living thing that might try to snatch our feet
screams, let me be, let me live
don't you see what you are doing to this place?

it is more than a realisation though
i know some that practice finding their very core
an understanding with everything around
and still perpetuate harmful things
i feel like maybe it is time for us to realise
that we can't CONSUME happiness
it comes in the moments we least expect it
it comes with people

on a swing under the most divine starry sky
in the dim light of a street lantern
the touch or even just the understanding of someone who just knows
it can be a twig we take home with us to turn it into an art object
a million things

i feel like we should be more open to beauty
when it comes to us
because it is literally everywhere we cast our eyes upon
there is no need to search for it
for it can be found in the most quiet form
it doesn't scream, does not expect to be seen
simply exists in all its splendour

we dwell on a planet
that bursts of divine, ethereal things
offers us to feel connected
but we synthesized our needs
and now we believe everything media and advertisements tell us

if there is only one thing you do today
you might want to ask yourself
what is it that I
as myself, a human being that walks, talks, dreams
actually need?
need to exist, to be happy, thrive and evolve?

--- march 6th, 2016 / by alissa cha

thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts on the world with me and contributed to these realisations. 

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