Monday, 28 March 2016

≈ ~ just a thought

I don't believe in the inherent femininity or masculinity of human energy / a soul

I think that within ourselves we unite all genders existent in this universe

our very core is a primal light, a spectrum of all shades and colours imaginable
~ of course it comes back to a rainbow, then

if you consider previous lives as a reality / believe that possibly you have been before / would you think it to be mandatory that you have always inhabited a certain gender ?

we assign specific qualities to physical conditions / believe strength to be masculine and softness to be feminine

don't you observe both extremes within yourself - regardless of the body you inhabit?
I believe that our character, spirit and general personality is such a complex structure / web of mannerisms, interests, actions and choices, that cutting it down to binary clichés is an act of violence.

drifting through this world, day-by-day, one perceives the changes in nature, passing of seasons, the sun in the sky. one thing that is ever so inherent though, is mankind's urge to categorise and limit their experiences as human beings.

we are so capable of amazing things, realising dreams,
bringing wonders and greatness into the world.
our species has come so far and achieved so many
fantastic things, created, innovated.

the year is 2016 -
why do we still feel the need to put others in boxes?
instead of meeting each other on a purely human,
judgement-free level, why do we assign certain perceptions
before we talk? pure instinct, necessity -
or a behaviour that can be unlearned?

it is to be discussed if there is a reason, a purpose to this
(and of course there always is one)
- but really
I believe, the reality of these days is 
that if we can believe the actuality 
of us all being equal
we might redevelop empathy 
for other living beings. 

especially in days of global changes
humans seeking shelter
others being killed, // killing
there is an immense need for solidarity, alliance
we are nothing if we are alone
and the times were individuality was the only way
to succeed in certain métiers are long over

how about we start seeing each other for our strengths
and ignore / learn to accept the things that seem to differ
there is no need for envy, there is no need for categorising

only the basic notion of not drifting apart
drifting off into virtual spheres, solitude
egoism / one only caring for one's own good
- to be stopped

one human's success is not another's failure

why, we should strive to empower each other
for all of us are unique
have their individual strengths, talents, dreams
but in appreciating these differences
and, especially, what we might have in common
we can be so much stronger
and our future is limitless

(cha, 28 march 2016)

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