Friday, 1 July 2016

reflections / summer skin with glitter drops / let's free what lies within

we live in an age of constant reflection
of self, the world around
we are aware and made aware
of the inequality between humans
the simplest differences becoming major separators 
and therefore dividing us all 
when in fact, we could be the same 

there are a lot of differences between cultures 
but how come we let them separate us, force us apart
for as an entity, we'd have the ability to mend
heal what has been done to this planet
done to us

yes, we know the earth is fucked
are aware that wars are fought
where there is no longer a simple explanation
where there is only money
as equivalent for the blood spilled
senseless acts of violent
cruel acts of hatred

we are facing these 
as a generation that is meant to blossom
in the light that still exists
keep our hopes high 
in a society that seeks to furthermore 
exploit us and take away everything that's unique
special to our very nature

it's dark, something that, upon further engagement 
will not lead anywhere
but for despair and depression

do not stay in this place 
leave whichever dark space these thoughts have led you to
seeing the sun, the movement of clouds
the light shining through the ceiling of leaves above
befriend a bumblebee 
(I did that today)
see the kindness in other people's eyes
bask in the generosity of their hearts 
and love yourself for the one in yours
because feeling that everyone shares their love
the appreciation in their words
their caring
will save you 

perhaps (if there is no one around)
you can discover this whole universe
within yourself
a complex structure full of wonders
all swirling and spiralling 
around worlds that are completely yours
detached from space and time
unaffected by toxic exterior happenings
pure and warming

I guess it's all about finding peace
and if the world outside can't manage that
you can find it 
in the beauty that is created 
between you and the ones you love and cherish 
and the calm within you

(alissa nathan cha, 01/07/2016)

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