Wednesday, 19 April 2017

emerging / new poetry

i stopped posting thoughts on here
some time ago
because i am so visible everywhere
but these days, aren't we all?
i choose to be visible for i have things i fight for
choose to be vulnerable -
how else would we feel the ever changing beauty
of human existence?

today i stood on a clearing in the forest
and the most beautiful metaphor of this fluidity
was unfolding before me
after the rain there came the evening sun
casting my silhouette as shadow behind me
in the soft green grass
and i turned my face towards it
with closed eyes
breathed in and accepted the moment
as pure energy and happiness
when suddenly it got cold again
the light slowly disappearing
behind a grey cloud
and i took off one shoe
stepped into a puddle of icy water
the crystal clarity of this reality
(because, this is a wish)
(reality is not given to everyone)

it seems to me, with time passing
that the only way to be, to stay open
to all the beauty this planet has to offer
is embracing all the hardship and the pain
as well as love and happiness
to truly live


when you're trapped
run ! /
in thoughts, walls, ideas, fears
because these things will force you down
themselves on top of you
a heavy weight on your lungs, your heart
that makes breathing ever so scary
and every minute passing excruciating
ticking away from something you can't grasp
lost in an ocean of confusion
the past merges into present
and future equals dark clouds
lack of oxygen really

there is just calm
and movement
to shake yourself awake
make yourself understand that everything you need
lies within you
and within humanity as such
because there has never been anything stronger
than affection and respect
our human bonds are what will save us
through all the pain
we are never alone

(nathan cha, april 19th 2017)

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