Sunday, 28 May 2017

sea creatures and greek ruins


it’s like days were currency
I’m counting them on my hands
the sunshine hours I keep in my heart
for they disappear far to soon

in a city that seems endless
my mind that is, truly is
I seek the souls that give me warmth
on a sunny day
no matter the place, I need them

it might have been established
that solitude and forest visions
dancing next to the river that carries
on, always
will save - but is this really salvation

 when the sun went down I knew
a billion lights below
I knew this was the place for me
felt it in my bones
that the earth spins and for this moment there
I was exactly were I was always meant to be

I long for these synchronicities
when everything flows in order
where the soil connects to my feet
and I align with history
become one with the ancient stone
all the calm uniting within me


there is no reality for me
only dreams and nightmares
things aligning and everything falling apart
a pure angel or Ophelia in the brook, 
dagger in their chest
sometimes I turn into creatures in the forest
but I know there is something
within comforting embraces to keep you safe
or shoulders you seek /
that depicts the universe in tiny fragments
I know there is

when the evening falls upon the meadows
near the forest were wild nettles sprawl
and insistent roots dance 
with the tiny bones in my feet
I look at the pollen float and fill the air
creating a sphere of gentle tranquillity
I know the evening sun flooding the clearing knows
my arms are strong when they need to be

I know I am beautiful even when people don’t see me
a ghost skipping over each colourful light
in the corner, invisible
they are insistent, you can’t 
break them anymore
reflections in the glass are always 
what you make them to be
they could be a spectre or mere waves
who knows
but for now I keep my distortions
they are just shadows
do no harm


arms sprawled and touching air
sunk in the greenish waters below
dragged beneath the surface
full of intention and knowing
that they would emerge again
deep in the lake there sits a creature
and he stares and he stares at them
because they share a dream in different worlds

but they both hold their tongues
in fear of disrupting the calm
for this moment bore nothing but -
and occasional visions of a youthful torso
penetrated by golden arrows
the blood merged with green below
unsung songs talked to them

we are within the glow of darkness
already know that times find an end
they always do
I cling and seem to know my future
perpetual visions of places never set foot on
know about losing myself when I change shape
so I change scenery
this is the way it has to be
the chase finds an end in the chaser never tiring
there is peace to be sought on those roads
commotion lies within rigour
and I shan’t rest

 art + poetry by alissa nathan cha (c) 2017

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